How to Safeguard Your Property Against Ticks

Summer is just around the corner and while we look forward to the warm days and the sunshine, there are lots of disadvantages the season brings with it as well. Pests top that list, so they pose danger as we attempt to live our lives.

If you live in an area with lots of trees or bushes, you are at risk for ticks. If your home has pets, you increase the risk of ticks. The tiny pest attaches itself to the skin where it sucks the blood of the victim. It takes only a short 24- 48 hours attached to the skin to transmit diseases to a human.

Lyme disease is the biggest threat that ticks cause to humans. Thousands of people are diagnosed with Lyme disease every year, many of the cases caused by a tick bite. There is no way to detect if a tick has the disease or not. That is why protecting the home against them is so important. When summer rolls around, ticks come out in full force and everyone is at risk.

Tick protection ensures you enjoy summer to the fullest without the worry and the danger this pest causes. It is essential to follow all of the steps because ticks pose a significant danger to our health and wellbeing.

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 For example, always wear a DEET repellent when outdoors. Ticks do not like the repellents and will leave you alone. Always check the pet’s fur after they come inside and check yourself, too. Wear long sleeves when possible, as well as a hat.

Protect your family and home against the threats that ticks cause and schedule professional tick control charleston. This low-cost service removes ticks that have infested your property and considerably reduces any future tick infestations.